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Marjan Arbab

Marjan Arbab

CEO and Founder

Marjan Arbab is an Academician, a former lecturer of Economics with extensive experience in Writing web content, Academic Content, Solution Manual, Curriculum Design and Online Course Creation. Her hobbies include Blogging with WordPress at Flavors in Life and freelancing at people per hour.

Adam Khan

Adam Khan


Adam Khan Kasi is currently working as Senior Project Manager in reputable E-banking Company. He has been part of E-banking industry from Aug 2008 till to date.Adam has strong analytical, project management, business analysis, critical thinking, team management and negotiation skills which enable him to work with diverse clients located around the globe.

Mahnoor Ali Babar

Mahnoor Ali Babar

Contributing Writing

The author has qualified Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CA Inter) from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). She is graduated in Bachelor in Commerce from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. She started freelancing as Content Creater at Pro SEO Deals. She has expertise in Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Business Law and Taxation.

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Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics...


I have created this index of all the articles of econtutorials. I think that it is feasible for the students to have a complete look of the whole website and the content that it includes. This will enable all the readers to go through each article and let us know what...

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Introduction to Taxes and its Types

What comes in your mind when you hear or see the word “Tax” in your daily life discussions or on some news channel on T.V , newspapers etc ?. Have you ever thought how the Government gets financed and they pay salaries to employees ? Or pay pensions to retired...

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What are Index Numbers ?

Introduction Often we want to know how certain variables like prices, production, etc. have changed over time and space. For example, we may like to compare the change in the average retail price of milk in 1985 with that in 1982 or we may like to compare the retail...

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Commodity Money vs Fiat Money

There has been numerous stories about exchanges of goods as a form of money in different circumstances . Like there were Cigarettes used in WWII by the prisoner of War camps, beads used by north american Indians , cattle in south Africa, and small green scraps of...

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